It’s not easy raising two toddlers under three. On most days I am just plain tired and the thought of meal time stresses me out way more than it should. Day after day, I stand in front of the refrigerator, like most other moms I know, and ask myself, ‘What should I feed the kids today?’. The problem is this: since my husband and I own a catering business it is almost embarrassing that our children just aren’t born foodies the way we are.

For a while, I can’t lie, it was just easier letting the kids eat what they wanted to rather than battling with them at meal time. Then, one day, Mayan and I decided that it was our job as parents to raise our kids knowing that there was more to eating than just greasy chicken fingers and french fries! Eating should be fun, social, and beneficial to your health- for both adults and children. And so we began our mission to instill those beliefs in our kids before we lost total sight of it!

While we do puree and sneak a large portion of the vegetables that go into their meals (for both flavor and nutritional value), we also continue to introduce (and reintroduce!) fruits and vegetables in plain sight for them to expand their palates with. It has not been and will not be an easy journey, but we hope that you will follow us on an eating adventure that will surely be rewarding in the future. Through the schools and camps that we now serve on a daily basis, we have really been able to see this healthy eating in full swing- it’s actually working and the kids are loving it!

Join us as we share delicious, easy recipes, funny stories about kids eating habits, and some occasional advice on how to help your kids become full-fledged foodies! It’s going to be a bumpy ride, but with a little humor and determination, we can all shape our kids into healthy, happy eaters.

Here’s to a healthier future for all the little ones out there…