our schools

As part of our personal goal to help children live healthier lives, we sought out local schools, day care centers and camps to change the way they were feeding their kids. This resulted in MWKids being awarded a number of annual contracts within the tri-state area. We feel that by making a few lifestyle changes, including making better food choices, children today can live happier, healthier lives.

From our many years in the catering business, our knowledge of food service is shared with the schools in order to make their jobs much easier and more efficient. We work with the school administrators to create the monthly menus, filled with our nutritious, appropriately portioned, kid-friendly meals. In addition to meeting state standards and adhering to dietary restrictions, we tailor the menu to fit each specific establishment’s needs. We meet with the school/day care center/camp to see how we can improve their food service facilities. MWKids provides ongoing instruction to the school service staff, as well as providing the proper kitchen equipment such as ovens and refrigeration, to help service the kids efficiently on a daily basis.

Our meals and snacks are delivered to the schools twice per week and kitchens are restocked as needed with everything required for daily service. We can create menus, set up kitchen facilities, train staff and help in every way to make sure the kids are receiving the best possible meals and snacks on a regular basis. By making a change to a healthier food service, the children we feed can look forward to a happy, healthy, active future. Please feel free to contact MWKids for more information.

We strongly encourage the use of sustainable and reusable dishes, cutlery and trays to save establishments and parents money while teaching children the importance of preserving the environment. However, meals can be provided warm in bulk or in disposable, individual containers per the needs of the establishment.