how it works

Our program's benefits start with fresh and healthy ingredients to promote healthy habits.
Our approach to school meals include portion control, bio friendly plateware and full service staff.

Signature Meals:


✔︎ All White Meat Chicken Tenders

✔︎ Three Cheese Macaroni

✔︎ Turkey Meatballs With Vegetable Tomato Sauce

✔︎ Crispy Fish Tenders

School Food Done Right!

Fresh and Nutritionally Balanced

Our meals are delivered to the schools hot and in Cambro heat retention units, ready for service. We take the time to organize the daily items and provide portion control scoops for efficiency and consistency for each day’s service.

We can create menus, set up kitchen facilities, provide trained staff and help in every way to make sure the kids are receiving the best possible meals and snacks on a regular basis. By making a change to a Fresh, Healthy and Delicious food service, the children we feed can look forward to a happy, healthy, active future. Please feel free to contact MW KIDS for more information.

We strongly encourage the use of sustainable and reusable dishes, cutlery and trays to limit our carbon footprint and help save establishments and parents money while teaching children the importance of preserving the environment. However, meals can be provided in bulk or in disposable, individual containers as per the needs of the establishment.